Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Drawing of lines

I know as art teachers we are creatures of habit.  And I know I'm not supposed to start with the study of line because it's what everyone else is doing, but if you don't start here then where do you start?

Anyone have any ideas?

Well I don't either, so we are starting with line projects in Art 1.  We looked at a couple of famous artists artists like Bridget Riley and Piet Mondrian, and some lesser known ones like John Franzen and Marcos Bernardes.  From there we created our own versions of their works and styles.  I am very happy with what they came up with.

Vinnie M. 

Savannah M.

Evie W.

Logan C.

Olivia S.

I hope you see the simplicity and yet ornate beauty of each of these designs.  I think they did a great job of using their styles but finding ways to make them their own as well.