Monday, April 29, 2013

A Close call

Since my art 1 classes are working at record speed, (not sure if that is all good) I thought I would add a Chuck Close style picture to our lessons.  Now I added this project only to have mother nature throw a blizzard at us, so needless to say most of the students are not yet done with this project. 

Why aren't they done you might ask, well before the blizzard hit I had booked our multipurpose room for our artistic mini golf course made out of cardboard (thanks Apex for that one).  Well when we finally got back to school I had to race through the Close project so that we could start the cardboard sculptured golf course last week so it could be ready by this week.  So I will let them finish these projects at the end of this week and turn them in without a penalty.  In the meantime, I thought i would show you a few of the better finished ones.

Austin A.

Hunter S.

Natascha D.

Sydney Hag.

Andrea C.M.

Sydney Hau.

Kamber L.

Danica H.

Courtney M.

Brooke O.
Since at the time of this assignment we had all sorts of time, I wanted them to do shapes in all of the squares and I was letting them have choices about medium and colors, and in the end I kind of let anything go.  As long as it somewhat resembled a Chuck Close style picture I was happy.

Keeping perspective

I wanted my advanced drawing class to work with foreshortening and some perspective.  I also wanted them to work with people since they don't like to draw them.  I know I can be mean, and pushy, but someday they will thank me for it.  I was hoping more of them would take pictures of friends or themselves to create the piece, but only a few took advantage of that.

Cody H.

Logan O.

Kristin B.

Walker W.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Can I give you a hand?

My sculpture class has been working with plaster casting material to create hands that are sculpturally interesting.  They were supposed to be holding something or at least doing something.  Some didn't quite do that, but they look good so I took a picture.

Chad V.

Marcelle W.

Emma J.

Maggie H.

A little bit of Drawing class

The advanced drawing class has been working on several different projects at one time.  So I thought it might be easier to just show a little of everything that is going on.  Some of these are repeats, but I wanted to show off the finished work.

Anyways, the main pictures here are a foreshortening project that I was requiring.  They needed to draw a person with a hand or foot that was closer to the camera than the rest of the person.  I am really happy with the results of this project.  Especially since it is one that they really struggled with, but they figured it out in the end.

Some of the others are an ink wash project that used india ink and water.  That one was kind of an experiment and most of the class is still working on theirs.

The other ones are the last of the magazine art.

Adrian L.

Kelsey C.

Rylee S.

Adrian L  - ink wash

Lauren K.  - Magazine art

Lauren K.

Jozlynn P.

Abby M.

Kenzie S.  - Magazine Art

Monday, April 15, 2013

Building out of paper

Well my Art 1 class was moving faster than any other class has every gone before.  So I thought about doing an architectural project.  But I didn't want to do another drawing, I wanted to do something that was 3D or at least low relief.  So I started searching pinterest for an idea.  That is when I came upon the artist Ingrid Siliakus.  She does these beautiful buildings that pop out of paper and I wanted my students to recreate that.

I am not sure that I got what I wanted out of the project, but if nothing else I think they learned how to create pop out images in paper. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

So many catalogs

Like most teachers I have a second assignment, and that means I am the junior class advisor in charge of Prom.  Don't get me wrong, I usually enjoy it, and I am very looking forward to it being done next week, but the companies send so many catalogs that I hate throwing them away.  So I asked my drawing class to create pictures using magazines.  Some of these are amazing, and acutally I love the photos I took more than the originals.

Logan O.

Andrew M.

Kristin B.

Cody H.

Kelsey C.

Jozlynn P.

What to do with origami

A few weeks ago I needed a project and so I was surfing pinterest and was inspired by an artist that uses triangles to create abstract works of color.  Now I had no idea how to make the triangles, but I figured it involved some sort of folding of paper.  Which that thought led me to origami.
So I decided to have my sculpture class create origami that they then would use in some sort of sculptural way.  They could paint a canvas and attach origami, or they could create a sculpture that stood up.  I left the door wide open and for the most part they did a really nice job.
Emma J.

Joslynne S.

Ryan S.

Brooke B.

Maggie H.

Kenzie M.