Friday, January 25, 2013

Kindergarten inspiration

In one of the last issues of school arts magazine I saw an article talking about the artwork of Dave Devries and I too was really inspired by their project.  If you have a chance to check out some of his work I highly recommend it.

Anyways, the teachers in the article used kindergarten monsters to inspire high school artwork.
 I decided to try the project, and overall I think they came out really fun.

Maggie H.



Kenzie M.


Brooke B.


Chad V.Z.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cartoon skeletons

So this time of year I usually do another perspective project with my Art 1 students, but I was kind of bored with that.  So thanks to Art at the Apex, I decided to work with skeletons of cartoon characters.

We took a day and looked at gesture drawing through the use of dolls.  (That was last weeks's creepy room).  We then looked at bones to see how they combine and connect to create a form.  I then had each student pick out their favorite cartoon character.  I required that they draw the character once and then they could trace the second copy before they added the skeleton.

Overall I have been really impressed with them.  They did a really good job on the project.  The only downfall is that the project didn't take as long as my old one so i am now stalling a little.  Maybe I will find another new project that I want to try.

Brady J.

Nathan S.

Andrea C.M.

Ethan S.

Lexi B.

Jaykob S.

Jena F.

Hunter S.

Kamber L.

Mariah B.

Danica H.

Courtney M.

KaSandra K.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

100 items

What would you create with only a hundred of an item.  For some projects that was way too many and for others that was not enough, but that was the challenge I have given to my advanced sculpture class.

Ryan S. and 100 gummy bear Eifel Tower
Eli H. and his 100 bead castle

Joslynne S. and 100 bobby pins

Alyssa P. and 100 crayons

Justin P. and 100 phesant tail feathers

Maggie H. and 100 buttons

Marcelle W.  and 100 jewels (fake of course)

Sammy K. and 100 pop tabs

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Colored pencil art

Art 1 has been busy with art history and now they are finally producing their first project of the new semester.  We started with learning how to layer color through our practice fish drawing and then they had to use a calendar page or large picture to create their own color mixing project.

Jaykob S.

Brandon S.

Kamber L.

Alex A.

Sydney Hau.

Mariah B.

Andie J.

Andrea C.M.

Danica H.

Jasmine K.

Courtney M.

Ashley G.

Demi H.

Lexi B.

Jon C.

Hunter S.

The Janitor thinks I'm crazy

Now I don't know for sure if he thinks I am crazy, but there have to be times when he walks into my room and thinks "What the ....?"  Last night was probably one of those nights. 

Today we are going to be studying gesture drawing, and I have been borrowing dolls from other co-workers (because I have an all male house and dolls don't exist in my world), and I have them all set up and displayed around the art room.

This one alone might creep someone out.

I am thinking the lesson will be a great one, but the set up of the room last night had to have my janitor wondering a little bit about me.