Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cartoon skeletons

So this time of year I usually do another perspective project with my Art 1 students, but I was kind of bored with that.  So thanks to Art at the Apex, I decided to work with skeletons of cartoon characters.

We took a day and looked at gesture drawing through the use of dolls.  (That was last weeks's creepy room).  We then looked at bones to see how they combine and connect to create a form.  I then had each student pick out their favorite cartoon character.  I required that they draw the character once and then they could trace the second copy before they added the skeleton.

Overall I have been really impressed with them.  They did a really good job on the project.  The only downfall is that the project didn't take as long as my old one so i am now stalling a little.  Maybe I will find another new project that I want to try.

Brady J.

Nathan S.

Andrea C.M.

Ethan S.

Lexi B.

Jaykob S.

Jena F.

Hunter S.

Kamber L.

Mariah B.

Danica H.

Courtney M.

KaSandra K.

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