Sunday, June 9, 2013

summer work

Most people think teachers work for only nine months out of a year, but those of us in education know that we are always working.  My summer days might be as little slower, but I am still following a ton of blogs and thinking ahead to what I will do for this next school year.  I want tho find a way to make my art history curriculum more interesting.  I of course think it is really fun, but I need to find a easy to make it teenage fun.  I don't want them just memorizing info and spitting it back to me.  If anyone has some great suggestions I ask all ears.

Also I am working on fundraisers for my art club trip that is next year.  If anyone has great fundraising ideas let me know.

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  1. I totally understand finding Art History fun, but know I need to work with it so my students find it as interesting as I do(I teach elementary). I want to share with you something my high school partner does. I work in a LARGE district. Our district has broken us down into clusters by who feeds to which high school and that is our PLC. I am very fortunate as my Jr. high is two blocks around the corner and my high school is directly across the street. We are the smallest cluster in our district and we all work well together, it probably also helps that both the Jr high and one of the High School teachers have taught both of my children....Anyway in the High School Art History class they do a altered book project, that takes the whole year to complete. Their are specific pieces that students have to include and then there is some leeway as to what they find interesting and they can include. they are really great books when they are finished, full of great art and architecture history. Columns that pop off the page, mini paintings of famous works - somethings even just a 2" square that is painted in the artiest style. Some info in the books are pre-printed papers from the teacher and in other places the students have worked with calligraphy. I like the idea of the books because then the class is also about producing art and trying new styles and not just about straight memorizing of facts. These books are usually done by the the first of May at which time they go "On Tour" to my school, one other elementary in our cluster and both of the Jr. Highs.I will spend a couple of days using them in class for the kids to look at and enjoy. The high school teacher always sends critique worksheets with the books, which are part a treasure hunt and part a true tell me what you liked about this book critiques. I use these books with 5th and 6th grade as a look into what they can look forward to in future art classes. The kids love seeing them.