Friday, October 24, 2014

Plastered sculpture

Art 1 has also been looking at Greek and roman sculpture and creating their own sculptures but using plaster of Paris instead of marble.  I would love to try to carve marble but for obvious reasons, budget and time, we pour plaster into pop cans and then form them into objects.    
 Nikole K.   
 Jacob G., Jacob K., Sebastian G.
 Kaitlyn S., Austin L. 
 Micah A.
 Kayley R., Connor K., Abby K.

Color me a wheel of fun

Art 1 has been working with the color wheel and the various color schemes.  For the final project they are required to create a drawing and then break it into 6-8 areas and each area needed to be painted with a different color scheme.
 Drea B.

 Remington L.

 Paige S.

 Darian N.

 Holly S.

 Abby K.

 Jaykob D.

Cookie review

  What better way to review color theory than with frosting and cookies.  Also a great way for them to pay attention, because they can't eat until we are done.

Zombie apocalypse

Do you ever just have a crazy idea?  And then you decide you have to see it through?  Well this year we decided to create a zombie movie/video.  While the day was kind of crazy, the kids had a blast.  

How can you not have fun with this group of deadheads?  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What would you find in a tomb?


I am trying to find new ways to teach art history, and while I am not sure if I am in love with this lesson I am happy with how it came out.  I wanted my students to all create a 3D artifact that could have been found in an Egyptian tomb.  This meant they had to research what types of items would have been found there and why they were there.  I also had them write some sort of hieroglyphics on their 3D piece.  Overall I was very happy and I hope it will help with their understanding when they start their Greek sculptures this week.

 Connor building structure

 Micah A.

 Abby K

 Drea B

Finding a perspective

Drea B.  Eiffel Tower

So I haven't posted for awhile.  I promise we have been working.  These are Art 1 perspective drawings.  They had to find a place from google maps and then draw it in perspective.  We had to learn hoe to draw 1,2 &3 point perspective because I had no idea what they would find on google maps.  Majority found first or second, but I think teaching them third point helped them try to avoid it.
  Jaykob D farmers market

 Darian N. 

 Abby K.

Nikole K.