Friday, October 24, 2014

Plastered sculpture

Art 1 has also been looking at Greek and roman sculpture and creating their own sculptures but using plaster of Paris instead of marble.  I would love to try to carve marble but for obvious reasons, budget and time, we pour plaster into pop cans and then form them into objects.    
 Nikole K.   
 Jacob G., Jacob K., Sebastian G.
 Kaitlyn S., Austin L. 
 Micah A.
 Kayley R., Connor K., Abby K.


  1. I love these and I love the compact size of a pop can as I don't have much storage space. What did the students use to carve these? What Grade/age made them? I'd love to try them out.

    1. My high school Art 1, so mostly freshman/sophmores made these. I have a couple of sets of carving tools, but the plaster is so soft the first couple of days that paper clips, and clay tools work great.