Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let's get to the point!

So i love the impressionism artists, and I love teaching their styles, but my students are never really fond of Georges Seurat and his dots.  I guess I can't blame them, its not that he has a hard or difficult technique, but it is time consuming.  I love this project because it makes them slow down and take their time with a project.  It also forces them to pay attention and to step back from their work from time to time and see if they are getting the shading right.

This year I let them have the choice of doing it all black and white or in colored markers with no black.  I see that most of my favorites were the ones done in black and white.  Maybe I will need to just do the project in that next year, but when you see the colored one at the bottom you will know why I am hesitant to take away that possibility. 

Abby K.

Jaikob D.

Nikole K.

Hannah S.

Drea B.

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