Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Travel with Matisse

Art 1 did a quick study of Henri Matisse's paper cut-outs.  We looked at how he used colored paper to cut out images from his favorite location, which happen to be the ocean, and then glued them to paper in almost an abstract way.

After discussing him, I had the students think about a favorite place where they have been or a place that they would like to visit since they are so young and really haven't been anywhere yet.  Then they started with a large piece of construction paper and were told to create a sort of travel poster of the area that they picked.  I of course had a few rules.

1.  No pencil lines.  You could use a pencil to draw before cutting, but then either erase or flip over so I don't see the lines.
2. Everything out of construction paper.
3.  Try not to do any words.  Let us figure out your location from the images.  (Of course, not everyone followed this direction very well, but they tried).
4.  There had to be 10 different concepts in the picture.  That didn't mean only 10 pieces of paper.  Making two palm trees doesn't count for two items.  They count as one concept.  And the sun does not count as a concept.  You can see that at home just like anywhere else.  Also some images might be needed to get a point across that doesn't mean they count.   I know I am a slave driver.

I am curious if you can guess the places they want to visit or encourage you to visit.  The answers will be at the bottom.






Sabrina L.




Sabrina M.

Got any good idea of where you are traveling to????

Sammy - Florence
Joslynne - New York
Daniel - Hawaii
Raechel - Disney
Maggie - Mexico
Sabrina L. - Paris
Landen - Wyoming
Brooke - South Dakota
Kelsey - California
Sabrina M. - Antartica

How did you do??  I know, some were easier than others.

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