Friday, March 2, 2012

A painting in a painting

I was trying to think of a challenging project for my Painting/Sculpture students. Mostly I was trying to think of a project to slow them down.  They are making quality work, but at a feverish pace and I am running out of ideas. 

So about 2 weeks ago I had this thought,  what about painting a famous work of art in the style of another famous artist??  At first I think they thought I was crazy, but then they started to get into the project and while not all of them are done the first few are pretty good.

"Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh in the style of Picasso's Cubism
painted by Summer

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Jan Vermeer in the style of Andy Warhol
painted by Robyn

"Numbers in Color" by Jasper Johns in the style of Georges Seurat's Pointillism
painted by Chelsea

Terry Redlin painting in the expressionism style of Vincent Van Gogh
painted by Cody H

"Saturn Devouring his Children" by Francisco Goya in the technique of Fauvism
painted by Chris B

"American Gothic" by Grant Wood in the expressionism style of Edvard Munch
painted by Logan H.

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