Friday, April 27, 2012

What they know...

You spend all year trying to cram info and knowledge into their heads and you never know if it sticks or not, until you come to the final project.  For my final Art 1 project, I have the students do a very large Art History collage that they have to research for, and then re-create on paper.  I have them look up artwork from 12 artists that they have to arrange into one cohesive project.  At first they whine, mumble and complain but then they eventually get started.  This is where I am always shocked about what they remember.

All of a sudden I get questions like, "who was that artists that painted with the dots" and "who made the large sculptures" and "who painted that wavy sky with the big rock looking thing."  Some are harder to decifer what artist they are talking about others...that last one was Starry Night by the way.

But I am always amazed by the questions that are more just asking for reassurance that they are right like, "So was it Georgia O'keefe that painted the large flowers" and "Georges Seurat painted the Sunday Park picture, right?"  Well that one was close, but I am giving them points for getting that close.

Even though they may be disliking the final project, and dreading the drawing part of it, it is good to know that somewhere during the past nine months they learned something. 

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