Friday, December 21, 2012

Illuminated letters

My Art 1 class had about 4 extra days at the end of the semester.  I hate it when that happens because I never know what to do.  Do we start a whole new unit? Do we go into the next chapter of our art history books?  It just isn't enough time to really accomplish much,  except a short lesson on illuminated letters.  It worked perfect anyways because our history book had just recently talked about the artwork that was created by monks and others who wrote books for this time period. 

I really didn't give the kids a proper lesson, I did a very short talk about the letters and then I told them to create their own.  I did try to get them to put something of themselves into the letter and to make sure that they tried to be as creative as possible.  I think they did pretty good.

Danica H.

Courtney M.

Kamber L.

Brooke O.

Melissa C.

Lexi B.

Andrea C.M.

David S.

Sydney Hau.

Sam Kj.

Mariah B.

KaSandra K.

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