Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Idioms everywhere

I know this is my 3rd post today, but I had a stack of artwork and I want to show it off.

I gave my Drawing class the assignment to bring an idiom to life.  I got the idea off of pinterest but unfortunately I was not able to find the example again to give them credit.  So thanks to whoever.

They all wanted to do some of the easier ones, but after a little coaxing they found some harder ones that had great images if they thought about it.  I made it a little more interesting by making them find a way to write their idiom in the picture. 

Hanna S.  "Zip your lip"

Jozlyn P.  "Beating someone's brains out"

Adrian L.   "Kicked the bucket"

Kelsey C.  "Apple of my eye"

Kierra C.  "Raining Cats and Dogs"
Sorry a couple of these are hard to see.  If you get a chance check them out in the commons area case.

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