Thursday, February 14, 2013

punch the dots

Well I can't just do pointilism with one class can I?  This is one of my favorite Art 1 projects.  I had the students paper punches and construction paper and have them create a 4x6 picture out of paper punches. 
We start this project by talking about Monet and his use of color mixing.  That is he let the viewer's eye mix the colors from a distance to get the desired colors that he wanted.  Well the first time I thought about this project I thought it would be too easy to give them paint.  I figured they would just let the paint mix into the perfect color.  So to make it more challenging I tried the construction paper which can't be altered.

I love the results, despite all of the complaining.
Jaykob S.

Shane B.

Devyn H.

Hunter S.

Alex A.

Lucas J.

Kiana K.

Nick B.

Demi H.

Courtney M.

Brady J.

Kamber L.

Sydney Hau.

Sydney Hag.

Danica H.

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  1. The creativity in Danica's was cool. The fading colors on the petals looks awesome.