Thursday, April 18, 2013

A little bit of Drawing class

The advanced drawing class has been working on several different projects at one time.  So I thought it might be easier to just show a little of everything that is going on.  Some of these are repeats, but I wanted to show off the finished work.

Anyways, the main pictures here are a foreshortening project that I was requiring.  They needed to draw a person with a hand or foot that was closer to the camera than the rest of the person.  I am really happy with the results of this project.  Especially since it is one that they really struggled with, but they figured it out in the end.

Some of the others are an ink wash project that used india ink and water.  That one was kind of an experiment and most of the class is still working on theirs.

The other ones are the last of the magazine art.

Adrian L.

Kelsey C.

Rylee S.

Adrian L  - ink wash

Lauren K.  - Magazine art

Lauren K.

Jozlynn P.

Abby M.

Kenzie S.  - Magazine Art

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