Wednesday, November 13, 2013

American Pride

For challenge #2, my advanced classes had to create a work of art that resembled America Pride to them.  The requirements for this challenge, were that they had to use three different mediums to create their one project.

That proved to be a very difficult challenge for most of my students.  They had a hard time figuring out how to make multiple mediums work together in harmony.  But after two days of voting I am proud to announce that the winning design was from Karly N.  Her "We the People" background with its lightly washed flag over and burnt edges was a crowd favorite.

Karly N. - 1st

Chad V. - 2nd

Jon C. - 3rd

Kelsey C. - 4th

Marcelle -5th
 Other favorites that either didn't get finished in time, or just didn't have enough votes.  But they are still done really well.
Alex L.

Danica H.

Derek E.

Sydney Hau.

Kamber L.

KaSandra K.

Mariah B.

Sabrina L.
I am very proud of all of my students and I hope that they found some pride in not only themselves but their country.


  1. Do you have a lesson plan I could use? I love this idea!!!

    Do you think an 8th grade class could handle doing something like this? Or is it for an older group?

  2. Not really. It was basically a choice based project with the criteria that they needed to use 3 mediums. I think 8th graders could do this if you have a group that you really trust and they are self motivated.

  3. Awesome-

    Did you let them choose any mediums you have covered in class or was it anything in the room??

  4. I let them chose anything I had available or anything that they could get their hands on. Most chose items I had on hand.