Thursday, November 14, 2013

Read my hands

Every year Art 1 studies the master of line, Leonardo DaVinci and then we spend some time working with drawing people and especially hands.  Since DaVinci is famous for his pointing fingers, I take that pointing finger and turn it into a sign language lesson.

Each student must spell out a 5 letter or bigger word in sign language.  They must also shade the hands and add at least 3-5 little clues about what their word is.  The clues are supposed to be done in colored pencil so that they stand out from the hands.  Since the words need to have clues they can't do their names or logos.  They also can't use numbers in their word.

The pictures of these projects are hard to take since the project is done on 6x18 paper.

Madisyn V. - Christmas

Mykah W.  - Avengers

Ali R.  - Stars

Brooke K.  - Ocean

Malary M.  - Horse

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