Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cube it up

Art 1 is working our way through the "isms" and are now working on cubism.  So of course we looked at Picasso and Braque and some Franz Marc.  I decided to direct our cubism, oil pastel project towards the Franz Marc style.  It is a little easier for them to understand, and with the contrast of light and dark colors and bright colors and blending options, they have a little bit more fun with it.

I also tried to encourage them to not only look at using cube shapes, but to mix it up and have some fun with any shapes or designs that they wanted to use.

Here are some of my favorites, but I had so many good ones this time and if you want to see more check out my website at https://dewittart.shutterfly.com/ .

Mikayla R.

Aleah B.

Kaitlyn G.

Paige Q.

Jaymon L.

Mykah W.

Madisyn V.

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