Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To Hate or To Love....Chalk

I have a love/hate relationship with chalk.  I love the projects that it can produce with bright colors and nice smooth coverage, but I hate the mess that is left behind on my tables, and counters and seats and floors and clothes and hands.  Did I mention it gets everywhere!!!

With that being said, I do one chalk project a year.  That is it!  So I love doing Georgia O'Keefe chalk flowers.  We do them on really big paper (18x24) so that they can spread and move all of the chalk around.  Before we start we look at her works of art and then I have a tub of fake flowers (since there are not many fresh ones around in March in South Dakota) and I have them draw close ups of four different flowers in their sketchbooks.

From there they need to pick their favorite flower and favorite composition and have them sketch it on a large sheet of paper.  Then they have to chalk it up, even the background.  I encourage them to blend colors and make the flowers bright and colorful and the backgrounds dark.  Here are some of my favorites.

Alex G.

Mikayla R.

Ali R.

Paige Q.

Bella J.

Malary M.

Yeva S.

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