Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To Close to call

This time of year is just a little bit crazy, but I am sure I am preaching to the choir.  I gave Art 1 a project a couple of weeks ago to draw a face in grid style and then fill it in Chuck Close style.  In my mind they had all sorts of time to get that done and then their final project.

But wouldn't you know, the class that has flown through every other project this year at lightening speed all of a sudden put the brakes on and slowed way down to do a great job on this project.   They didn't put this much time into their own faces back in November, but now they put tons of time into the drawing and then twice as much complaining into the fact that I wanted them to put designs into every square.

In the end I gave them some choices.  They could do this project on canvas or paper, with paint or sharpie or colored pencil.  I also tried to require them to put a design in every square, but as we ran out of time I kind of relaxed on that rule.

Mykah W. - Theo James in paint

Yeva S - in paint
Alasia J. - Audrey Hepburn in paint

Bella J. - Connor F in paint

Carter H. - Harry Potter in sharpie

Brooke K. - Miranda Lambert in sharpie

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