Saturday, August 2, 2014

London, Paris and to Barcelona

As school quickly approaches I have to take a quick look back at my Art Club trip that took place in June.  We had a great trip and we definitely coined the phrase, "We are having an adventure."  Like always something goes wrong and this time we are just going to say that we had several transportation issues.  But overall we had a great trip and I hope that the students and adults that traveled with me had as much fun as I did.

Girls being silly with our Tour Director Trevor.

The Barcelona Bike riders.

La Sagura Familia in Barcelona.

Getting a little bully in Pamplona.

They all wore London shirts in France.

Checking out the Atlantic Ocean.

Ladies and Sun.

Our group in Paris.

This was our first view of the ocean.

Chartres Cathedral.

Climbing the largest sand dune in France.

On top of the Sand dune with Connor from Alaska.

Our pink EF bus.  We never lost it in a parking area.

My climbers.  They talked me into climbing the bell tower of Chartres Cathedral.

Our last group picture in Biraritz France.

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