Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cut It Out

I know my title is a little cheesy, but if you are a kid from the 90s like me than you get the pun.

Art 1 was looking at Henri Matisse's paper cut outs and we also watched a video of the artist Jen Stark, who does these amazing works of art with construction paper.  She uses hundreds of sheets to create her works of art, I required 6 sheets for this project.

Basically I wanted students to learn how to see layers in art, by cutting them out of six sheets of construction paper and laying them on top of each other to create a work of art.  I start by having them draw a 1 inch border around each sheet of paper and then they need to make sure that each layer can function on its own.  So in other words, whatever they put in their picture must touch some part of that border.  So some of them have to get creative to hide parts of the paper so that it will appear in the middle of the page.

Abby K.

Remington L.
Austin L.

Heidi S.

Brayden F.

Laura L.

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