Monday, March 9, 2015

Time flies when art is happening...

So I see it has been forever since I have talked about what my advanced classes are doing.  So I am sorry if this is a really long post, but I thought I would just give a little bit of everything.  If you want to see more examples I will have them on my website in the Art 2 and Art 3 classes.

Alasia J. - The minions meet Munch's "Scream"
 So here are a few examples from Art 2.  They have been working on drawing pos/neg images and mixing famous works of art with modern movies/book characters.
Alex - Lego movie moves in on Davinci's "Last Supper"

Emily H. - An m&m man eats humans.

Mikayla R. - Monkey mama with her negative baby image

Yeva S. - The "Notebook" meets Monet's waterlilies.
Art 3 has also been working with famous works of art, but they had to take a famous work of art from one artist and recreate it with the style of another artist.  They have also been working on pop-up pop art and large realistic drawings that focused on a reflection or foreshortening.

Brooke K. - Art in another style

Erin S. - pop up cat

Sydney Hag. - reflection drawing

Jozlynn P. - Foreshortening drawing

Kamber L. - Pop up pop art

Malary M. - Miss Piggy pop up

Marcelle W. - reflection drawing

Sammy K. - Monet meets Lichtenstein

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