Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eat your heart out 2015

So how do you end your school year?  Do you do something wild and crazy or do you just let it happen.  I usually just let it happen, but this year i wanted to do something different.  I wanted them to do something fun and creative on their last day, something that would leave a good impression especially after we had been working on a large final project for two weeks and most of them were getting burnt out.

So I searched for some ideas and remembered that I had done a post on oreo art.  So I bought generic sandwich cookies (I'm a teacher I can't afford that many oreos) and I gave each student 2 cookies and a toothpick.  Actually the cheap ones worked better because the frosting came off on both sides and gave us not only 2 extra canvases, but the way it often broken was the start of our inspirations.  I then told them to carve away.

Here are some of their tasty creations.

So this is mine.  The students said it was cheating to show you, but I am doing it anyways.  I was inspired by the way the frosting was left behind to sculpt and eagle head.

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