Monday, May 18, 2015

Finish 'em up and move 'em out

I wanted to show everyone what Art 3 has been doing to finish out their year.  As you will see they have been very busy.  One of the projects is an oil pastel transfer, which I refer to as a cheating project, but the kids loved it.  Basically you print a picture off of the computer as large as you can, cover the back with oil pastels and then trace over the image with a pen and it transfers to a clean sheet of paper.  I know it is basically a carbon copy, but as you can see it did take some focus to figure out their shading and how hard to press with both the pen and the oil pastels.  Some of them even figured out how to apply multiple colors to add other effects.

Brooke  B.

Sydney Hag.
Jozlynn P.
Maggie H.
Sammy K.

Another project was a large clay vessel that had to either have cut outs, coils or texture.  Actually they had to have two of those requirements.  Which is really easy to do if you have ever worked with clay.

Sydney Hag.

Kelsey C.
They also had to put a scene inside of a silhoutte.   These were really fun because they had to think and plan out what they were going to do.  It took some focus but they looked great.

Kamber L.
Malary M.

They also needed to draw a reflection or foreshortening.  Most of them chose to do the reflection, but I think they did a great job and I think I will keep this project for next year.

Kenzie R.
Malary M.
And they had to create a mask that was an inner reflection of themselves.  It had to come outside of just the mask and it needed to let us see something about them that nobody else knows.

Kelsey C.

Yeva S.
Most of these works were created by seniors.  I am very sad to see them finish their high school careers.

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