Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oh Leonid, how you inspire us so...

So as I rewrite my Art 1 curriculum I am trying to incorporate new artists and projects that I have never tried with Art 1 students.  One artist that I have been in love with is Leonid Afremov.  I will bet you have never heard his name, but you have probably seen his work.  If you google the word "color" his work is the first to appear.

Leonid Afremov
Well I was very interested to know that he paints all of his work with palette knives.  I have done palette knife paintings with my advanced students, but I have never considered it as an Art 1 project. I'm not sure why I didn't think they could handle it, knives are easier to clean than brushes, and everybody knows teenagers struggle with washing a brush.  

Anyways, we gave it a try.  And I am thrilled with the results.  This is a project where they have to pretty much test the knife techniques on their own and find a rhythm that works for each student.  But if they get the hang of it, they can create incredible art.  

The only requirements I set for this project were; it had to be a landscape, they had to put at least 3 colors in any area, and they couldn't use black until the very end and even then I tried to prevent it as much as possible.

Jonah L.

Marissa J.

Baylee B.

Morgan L.

Bailey B.

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