Friday, December 4, 2015

2 pt world

It seems that a right of passage in Art 1 is a 2 pt. perspective drawing.  Well this year was no different, but at the same time it was different.  How you ask?  I added a little challenge to the assignment.
Like every other year I introduced how to do a 2 pt perspective drawing and we did an example together in their sketchbooks.  We talk about how to make the buildings, the alleys, the sidewalk and the roads.  We talk about shading and finding a light source and that details will help with the realism factor.

But this year I decided to throw in a curve ball...  How you ask?  Keep reading.

I decided that I was tired of seeing 50 projects that all featured Wal-Mart/Cabelas/Hyvee.  Seriously these kids need to get out and explore the world, because these were the only buildings I was getting.  I couldn't take it anymore and decided I wanted to up the creativity and push them outside of their comfort zone.  So how did I do this??? I threw out a challenge to anyone that was willing to accept it.

Okay, so I still haven't really been clear, but I will explain.  I don't know if you have found the site called, but it is really fun.  They have a bunch of pre-made wheels or you can make your own.  I chose to make my own.  I typed in all sorts of different genres and situations and then put it on my promethean board and had any student who wanted to take the challenge spin for their fate.  I did give them the option, and I did let them know that I would give them extra creativity points for stepping out of their comfort zone.  I also told those that didn't want to take the challenge, that if I say a Wal-Mart I would take points away.  Did I mention I was tired of seeing that story in this project!

My list of genres included: Apolcolyptic, Alien, Fairytale, Historical, Mythical, Mystery, Utopian, Horror, Futuristic, Military, Steampunk and Forest.  Some of these could go any which way, but I hoped to get them thinking.  And for most of them it worked.  Some didn't even take the challenge, but came up with their own place and time.   Here are some of my favorites.  The rest are on my website.

Marissa J. - Old West

Madysen B. - Fairytale

Blake B. - Forest

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