Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mixing art and language

It is not very often that we can find ways to say things without saying them in art.  It is also not very often that we push kids out of their comfort zone and make them learn a new language, but that is exactly what this project is.  It is a short lesson in the sign language alphabet and a short lesson in DaVinci and his famous pointing finger that appears in several paintings.

My criteria is that is has to be a 5 letter word, with a visual image.  So they are not allowed to do their names or a logo.  It needs to be something like the word "money," and then they would need to draw both bills and coins so that the hint is understood.  Also the visual hint needs to be in color with 3-5 hints around the paper.  I also ask that they finish the wrists and not decapitate the hands.

Dylan M. - table

Sommer B. - summer

Morgan L. - Peace

Blake B. - beard

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