Thursday, September 15, 2016

Playing with our lines

Okay, so I have learned their names and now it is time to get started with the really nitty gritty dirty work of learning about art.  So where better to start then at the beginning with the humble line.

We learned all about lines and what they can be and where they can go.  It is truly as fascinating as it sounds, but after all of these years I try to juice it up a little bit.

This year I also introduced them to a few line artists that I really like.  We looked at Bridget Riley and Piet Mondrian for our famous artists, but I also threw in Julianna Kuntsler, Jonathon Franzen, and Marcos Bernardes.  If you haven't checked out the works from these other three artists, I highly recommend them.  My favorite is Jonathon Franzen and his simple, yet beautiful style where he makes a line with every breathe.  It is a free form line that tries to get as close as he can to the line he made before without touching them, but in the end they form gorgeous wave patterns that are mesmerizing.

We took inspiration from all of those artists and tried to create works of our own.  Here are some of our more successful works.

Damaris W. - Diamond in lines

Autumn J. - Heart

Jaizen H.

Mykell T.

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