Friday, March 1, 2013

Paint with Chalk

Painting with chalk already sounds like a crazy thing, but last year I figured out how to make it work.  I don't remember where I learned the technique, I am sure something on pinterest inspired me, but it has become one of my favorite projects.

Basically we use my old junky chalk and either acrylic or tempera paint.  The students then dip the pieces of chalk into the paint and apply to the paper.  Since you can't put a lot chalk on paint it causes short brush strokes because they have to keep redipping the chalk into the paint.  This gives the feeling of VanGogh's style.

What we have learned is to keep the paint fairly neutral because it will mix with the chalk and make new colors.  I have also learned that if you want a lighter painting you need to use white paint with your darker chalk colors and darker paint colors with light chalk if you want a darker painting.

Students are encouraged to have fun with the brush strokes and change their direction or use it in their favor depending on what type of picture they are creating.

Ashley G.

Jon C.

Courtney M.

Kamber L.

Connor T.

Danica H.

Dustin M.

KaSandra K.

Jena F.

Brooke O.

Cassie B.

Jaykob So.

Nathan M.
As I was loading these pictures I realized that a majority of these works were created by students who have not been successful with most of their projects, but for some reason this project really clicked for them and became a great project.

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