Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pop Action Art

Art 1 has been trying to cover the artwork of as many artists as we can, and that means we had to do a project that was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. 

I wanted to again challenge my students with size so they had to work on an 18x24 sheet of white tagboard.  I then required them to have some sort of action to the drawing.  They could have a monumental action like a bomb going off or something as simple and everyday as someone walking or cutting an apple.  They could add an action word or a cartoon action word. 

We then outlined their projects with the india ink pens and added color with red, yellow and blue markers.

Jon C.

Sydeny Hag.

Hunter S.

Kamber L.

Courtney M.

Meghan H.

Sydney Hau.

Danica H.

Nathan M.


  1. The kids must have loved making these! My personal favourite is Danika's gumboots :)

  2. I like these. I like the way comic books emphasizes things and these look great! The wolverine one is my favorite!