Friday, March 1, 2013

Pop Quiz

Those words probably send more people into a panic then any other, so what does somebody come up with but a Pop Quiz App where you get to identify your favorite Icons of the last 30 years. 

If you haven't found the App, Icon Pop Quiz, you might be missing out especially if you are a trivia nut like myself.  I love trying to identify my favorite movies.

Anyways, Art 1 always works with some version of Henri Matisse's paper cut outs this time of year.  Usually I have had them create some sort of travel poster since his "Beasts of the Sea" was inspired by his memories of the ocean, but this year I decided to have some fun with a play on the game and just focus on using cut paper to create an entire project.  I loved how the game took out the details and kept this in simple colors just like construction paper can't have variations in color.

So after learning about both Matisse and Andy Warhol (since we were also using pop art I thought we should learn more about one of the top pop artists) and we also studied pop art and abstract art we then created a nine piece quiz using logos, characters/famous people, and movies/tv shows.

The one thing I learned is that the little answer flaps that the first few created didn't work as well as I hoped.  So we then had them print out their answers and have hung them in the hall so that other students can pick them up and check their answers.  So I guess for Art month we created an interactive art project.

Here are some examples, sorry since some are so similar I am having a hard time telling whos is whos so there are no names under them.

How many can you identify?  The first row should be logos, the second row should be characters/famous people and the third row should be tv shows/movies.

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