Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Illuminated views

Art 1 was studying renaissance and how books were made at this time with a scribe and an illuminater who adds decoration.  Well usually i just have them make an illuminated letter on paper with colored pencils, but this year I wanted to do something different.

I have been following Art of the Apex and I was very intrigued by their project based lessons.  I figured if I was ever going to try a lesson where they could do what they wanted, this was the lesson.  So we took the first day to look at illuminated letters and various designs that could be made in and on them.  In table groups I had them list mediums for both 2D and 3D illuminated letters.  After they had made lists,  I then told them that they could do their letter anyway they wanted using any medium that I had or that they could bring.

I was very impressed by how fast they started throwing out ideas.  I did make them stop and I showed how to paper mache and build a cardboard base.  Otherwise they were given access to any supplies I had.

I am very impressed with what they created.  I know I should edit and not show all of these, but I am proud of them.

Austin F. - String art

Aleah B. - Tile and paint

Bree H. - Yarn

Emily H. - pop cans

Levi B. - Clay

Jack G. - pencil and marker

Adan M. - paper mache and paint

Paige Q. - Mixed Media

Mikayla R. - paper mache

Mycah W. - Tile and paint

Regan A. - paper mache

Eli H. - paper mache and crayons

Bella J. - paper mache and fabric

Hawa M. - paint and cardboard (inside)

Hawa - outside

Jacob H. - Metal work

Malary M. - yarn, glitter and paper

Yeva S. - paper mache, mixed media

Carter H. - bedazzled

Nitanga S. - paper mache and paint

Bridget B. - paper mache

Sam S. - paper mache

Alex W. - metallic colored pencil

Morgan H. - tile and paint

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  1. This is something I would do. It looks like theirs a lot of work involved. I would do this all day cause it looks nice.