Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tis the season

The latest challenge for my advanced classes was by student request...Christmas.  I didn't just want a bunch of simple christmas trees or houses with lights and snowmen, like they did when they were 5.  So I put some criteria on the challenge.
1. They had to draw for their inspiration.  I had about 30 christmas ideas in a coffee can.
2. It had to be 12 x 12, NO exceptions.
3. It had to be made out of paper products.  So paper, tissue paper, cardboard and I did give them aluminum foil and ribbon and glitter for details and small touches.
4. It had to be a low relief sculpture.
5. It had to be 90% one color.  This one was not their favorite.

Once they heard the last rule, most of them figured out that they were going to have to zoom in on the object to keep it 90% one color.  Overall I was really happy with how they came out.

Brooke O. - Ribbons and bows

Danica H. - Poinsettia 

Sydney Hag. - Snowman

Jozlynn P. - Santa

Kamber L. - Berries and Ivy

Kelsey C. -Star

Kiana K. - Toys

Sabrina L. - Candy Canes

Sammy K. - Angel

Sarah C. - Cookies
Mariah B. - Candle

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