Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sorry for so many posts

I know that this will add another post, but I thought I should send a short apology for not keeping this up, but our weather here has been horrible.  We have had so many late starts and early dismissals over the last few weeks that it is not only taking me forever to get things done, but also my students.  Hopefully we will have some improved weather so we can get some project going.

I am excited about what we have going on right now.  Art 1 is doing a new watercolor project that I found on Pinterest.  Art 2 is working with sticky or messy subjects and Art 3 is learning to deal with new perspectives.  So we are keeping really busy and I hope to show you more artwork soon.

Here are some of the practice watercolor projects that Art 1 has been doing.

Mrs. DeWitt's sample

Brooke K.

Yeva S.

Dylan B.

Carter H.

Mikayla R.

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