Friday, February 28, 2014

Cut. It. Out.

First off, if you get my heading to this post, you are definitely a child of the 90s.

In Art 1 I like to try to expose my students to using as many mediums as I can.  So when it comes to using construction paper it can be difficult to find a high school level project.

We start by looking at the paper cutouts of Henri Matisse and Molas from Panama.  I know it sounds like these would be an odd combination, but that is one of the challenges for the students.  I try to get them to see how these two different things could be related.  We talk about how Matisse's cutouts were abstract and simplified versions of the objects that he was trying to show.  We then talk about how Molas were bright and colorful with lots of shapes and patterns and the occasional detail in an animal.  I also show them paper Molas and how they are created with layers.

This year I found the inspiration for this lesson on Pinterest.  I found this project had been done by Upper School Art blog ( ).
As far as I could tell they used about 6 sheets of construction paper and then cut out strategic spots to see through.  I liked how the project made the students think in terms of layers and how they would have to cut and edit to make things work.

My criteria was that they had to use at least 6 colors of paper (they could use more), you only would receive one extra sheet for mess ups (so take your time and think it through cause you can only screw up once), I needed to see at least some of every color, and it needed to be done neatly.  As far as pictures I told them that scenes would probably be easier to think in layers, but that they could do anything that they wanted.

 Here are our final projects.  I hope you like them as much as I do.

Yeva S.

Bree H.

Brooke K.

Jacob H.

Morgan B.

Adan M.

Carter H.

Madison S.

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