Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting to the point of it

Last week Art 1 learned about Georges Seurat and his fun style called pointillism.  In the past I had a project where they had to use paper punches and created a small picture using construction paper. punch the dotsl

Since we have destroyed almost all of the paper punches in the building, I decided that this year we needed to do it differently.  So this year I gave them several options of how to achieve pointillism.  I still gave the option of paper punches, but I also suggested melted crayons, paint, toothpicks, basically anything they wanted but it had to be smaller than a pencil eraser.   Most went with paint and applied it with the end of a paintbrush or destroyed one of their pencils, but a couple of people went outside of the box.

Ali R. with melted crayon

Emily H. 

Alasia J.

Jacob H.

Malary M.

Bree H.

Yeva S.

Carter H. with sharpie marker

Alex G.

Mikayla R.

Paige Q.

Bridget B.

Regan A.

Aleah B.

Riley H.

Karima H.

Mykah W.

Ben S.

Brooke K.

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