Friday, February 21, 2014

Mixing up the media

Art 1 did a quick study of Van Gogh and Munch last week and then started their latest project.  For our quick study I actually made a word search (which I usually hate and think are a waste of time) but this time I covered up the words that they had to find and turned them into questions that they had to answer.  I also put a hidden message into the puzzle and then offered a treat when they finished the assignment.  The treat was probably the bigger motivator.

We also did a quick discussion of the two artists and how they were similar in style but we also pointed out some of their differences.  I then introduced our chalk painting project.

They were asked to pick either a landscape or a cityscape and from there they did a quick sketch on the final paper.  Then I did a quick demo about how to dip the chalk into the paint and apply both on paper so that they make new and interesting color combinations.  I limited what paints they could use, one to use up some old stuff and two, because otherwise they look for the paint to do the work then the chalk to bring the colors to life.

Carter H.

Morgan H.

Jacob H.

Brooke K.

Paige Q.

Regan A.

Mikayla R.

Malary M.

Madison S.
Some of these look better in photos then in real life.

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