Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mad Scientist?

I am probably not the only one out there, but this week I feel more like a prom coordinator then an art teacher.  And sometimes that means I have to be a mad scientist in order to make the props that I refuse to pay for.   Since out theme is "Under the Big Top", a vintage circus, I wanted to make that giant barbell that the strong man used to pick up.  You know the one that said 1000lbs and he could lift it with one hand.

So my girls first thought of using beachballs, which would have been perfect, but our local Walmart doesn't have them out yet, not to mention I wasn't sure if they would spray paint.  My husband and I looked at the large rubber balls at walmart, but I was having the same issue of wondering if paint would stick to them.   So then my hubby suggested expandable foam.

What a great idea.  I just knew I didn't want them solid so I came up with the idea of putting an old volleyball in the middle.  I even got smart and wrapped the ball in saran wrap ahead of time so I could use it again and again.  What I didn't know is that is would take three cans of foam to make half of a dumbell.  So I had to go back to Walmart last night to clear out all of their spray foam so I can finish this project.

I have learned several things about how to spread the foam, so I am getting closer to two cans of foam per half sphere.  But I am actually thinking about doing a project with this next year.  I think it might be a great carving medium for students.

At least that is the thought now, ask me again tomorrow when I am actually carving and pulling my hair out.

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