Thursday, August 28, 2014

Barrels of fun

I WON!!!  I can't believe it, but my rain barrel won.  Thanks to all who voted.

Does anyone else have a hard time saying "No?"  Maybe it's just me.  I was asked by the local water quality commission if I would paint a rain barrel for a water summit contest that they are going to be having.  Of course they only gave two weeks to paint a giant rain barrel, but that is beside the point.

At least I didn't do it by myself, I made one of my students take one too.

So her and I have been painting every second we could over the last two weeks, which has been tricky since it has also been the first two weeks of school.  Did I forget to mention that?  How could I forget that my life was incredibly busy already without adding a giant rain barrel to the mix.

Anyways, I cut out serious time by spray painting my sky and most of my water.  My student pretty much had to finish it versus sleep last night, but they are both done and ready to be turned in today.

Blank barrels

My cabin in trees

A fisherman I painted

I was ver proud of my "bob Ross" trees.

Sammy painting her barrel.

Her finished barrel.

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