Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lighting up our lives

The first week back of back to school is always so boring and not just for the kids.  It is filled with rules and procedures and things that are so basic it can drive you insane.  That is why I love it when my advanced kids walk in the door.

All of them have been in here before and most of them art taking their second or third advanced class, so they get to jump in and hit the ground running day one.

This year I didn't waste time, when they walked in I gave them a small piece of paper and some crayola markers.  I had them draw something on the paper and then I sprayed the paper with water so the image was blurred.  Then the next day we added black marker to them.

Then we started on photography.  I wanted them to know the basics of a DSLR camera even though I know most of them will use their phones for their photography assignments.  We set things up and did ISO and Aperture the first day and shutter speed the second day.  I then ended our short week with light painting.  This was by far their favorite of the photography sessions we did.

We have learned that you need to set the camera on TV mode, set the ISO to about 600 and then set the shutter speed to at least 8 seconds, some of the kids put theirs at 20 seconds.  But here are some of my favorites from the pictures they turned in.  We found glow sticks add color but are not the brightest when it comes to using lights.

Bree H.

Erin S.

Sydney Hag.

Jack G.

Kelsey C.

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