Monday, November 24, 2014

The hands say it all

                                                      Holly S. - piano

Art 1 has been studying Leonardo DaVinci, and with that we have been doing hand studies.  What better way to study hands then to draw them saying something in sign language.   They are asked to come up with at least a 5 letter word in sign language that has visual clues that can be drawn with it.  So nouns work the best, like money, cross, trees and barns.

Once they pick a word they need to draw the word in sign language on a 6x18 piece of paper.  After they draw and shade the hands they then need to draw and color some little clues as to what the word is.  So for money you could draw bills and coins.

                                                     Abby K.  - piano

                                           Sebastian G. - happy

                                                                 Hannah S.  - faith

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