Friday, October 28, 2016

Melting away with the summer

So how can you kids excited about coming back to school after summer?  You melt something.  There is something about the chance to get to destroy things, even crayons, that can interest anybody into getting back into the swing of things.

Now I know what you are thinking, this post is coming at the end of October, what am I doing talking about our first project of the school year.  Well sorry I am a little behind on my posts, but yes this was the first project I put out there for the school year.  Also I had to wait for half of them to post it onto their blogs so that I could copy their pictures.  So most of the work was done 6 weeks ago, but it took them that long to upload the pictures from their phones onto their computers.  I bet if I asked them to snapchat me the photos I would have had them seconds after they were done, but oh well.

Basically I let them do anything they wanted with melted crayons as long as they did not just do the simple drip from the top of the page that you see on Pinterest.  I did ask them to think a little bit more creatively and outside of the box.  Most did some sort of silhouette where they cut a design out of contact paper and then melted the crayon around it, but some thought differently.

Also here is a tip; if you are going to do melted crayons with contact paper, have the students put the contact paper on the canvas and then paint a layer of paint over the edges.  That way if anything is going to bleed under the contact paper it is paint and not crayon.  It doesn't always work perfectly but it does help.

Then most of them repainted their images inside of the contact paper when they pulled it off.

Brayden F.

Jonah L.

Summer B.

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