Thursday, October 27, 2016

Playing with the theory of color

Cassie H.

So I had to start with the screaming monkey because I just feel like this is how we are all starting to feel about this time of the year.  We finished these up at the end of the first quarter and this monkey pretty much summed up the race to the finish.

For this project, we started by looking at the different techniques of color theory.  We study analogous, warm, cool, complimentary, double complimentary and triadic color schemes.  We do samples in our sketchbooks and then apply them to a final project.

This is one of the few projects where I let them do anything they want.  Since the focus is not the image but the understanding of color, I let them do cartoon images or whatever they want.  After they draw the image on paper, they then need to find a way to divide it up six ways.  Each color scheme is then painted into those divided areas.  A big part of this grade is doing the correct colors in each area and neatness.

Erika L.

Andrew C.

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