Monday, December 12, 2016

Just making "sweet" art!

So after our plaster project where we subtract material to make a sculptural item, I switch gears and do a clay project where we have to hand build a piece.  And in this case we are hand building a "Piece" of pie or cake.

I have always like the art of Wayne Thiebaud.  I think his cleverly whimsical paintings of desserts is sweet and touching.  Okay I will try to lay off of the "sweet" comments, but it is really hard for me since they come so delicious to use.  :)

Anyways, we took a look at his works and then I gave them a 10 question rapid think quiz.  I read these questions as quickly as possible, and they have to respond with the first thought that comes to their mind.  Feel free to play along:
1. Chocolate or Vanilla
2. Favorite fruit
3. Favorite non-dessert food
4. Thick or thin frosting
5. Favorite holiday
6. Favorite toy when you were a child
7. Cake or Pie
8. Sweet or Salty
9. Favorite color
10. Favorite candy

After the quiz, we talk about making clay cake or pie boxes.  I then ask them to circle three of their quiz answers that they then have to use in their final project.  They will have to make a lid for it that is detachable in some way.   Then we talk about all of the clay terms and I demo how to build walls and add pieces.  

Andrew C.

Carter W.

Erika L.

Damaris W.


  1. I think this is some sweet stuff its good and on point . and i think that my art class should try it. so who ever did this is very good at their job that making things.

  2. These are amazing! How many class periods did the entire project take?

  3. I gave them about a week, but I think it took the majority about 4 days.