Thursday, December 8, 2016

Magical 2pt lands

Okay so this is kind of a confusing post.  Because the post that will follow after this is actually the project we did first, but since it was clay I needed to do a project in the middle while I got all of those projects fired and then while they were glazing they needed something to work on when they finished that.  Did you catch all of that?

Anyways, we learned how to draw in 2 pt. perspective.  Now every year I learn how to improve this lesson and this year was no different.  We start by drawing a very basic city in out sketchbooks.  We learn how to make a corner building, how to add sidewalks and alleys, how to make bigger buildings beside the front one and how to make windows and doors.  All of the basics to making a 2 pt city.

Well last year I had had enough with getting multiple Wal-mart stores for buildings,  apparently no body goes anywhere else in the world, so I added the element where they all came up and spun for a different genre or location.  So some of my themes are apocolyptic, forest, fairytale, alien, utopian, and horror just to name a few.  From there they can use that inspiration any way they want.  They can use a little of it or they can use a lot.  Basically I am just trying to get them to think outside of the walmart box, if you know what I mean.

This year to improve the project I had them draw and shade it in black pen.  The main thought behind this is that their shading and drawings are so light I often can't see what they have done. So I wanted to make it more photogentic.  In the end it was great to give them another challenge and to use those shading techniques that I introduced to them a long time ago.

Damaris W.

Andrew C.

Dylin K.

Anna B.

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