Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last spring I took a class in making mosiacs.  I had done them before but it had been a few years and I was also looking for some tips and inspiration.  My teacher got me motivated to do them with my own class and so this fall I put out a call to the community looking for extra tile.  I was not disappointed to get a large quantity from our local habitat for humanity restore and a local tile company.  Both groups were thrilled to give me their extra tile.  It even hurt to know that usually they just through it away when nobody wants it.

Anyways, working with what we were given here is some of the projects that we have done.  I have been amazed by the kids creativity, especially since some of the colors were in limited supply.  They also did a great job of sharing tile and helping each other find pieces.
Marcelle W.

Emma J.

Maggie H.

Sammy K.
We learned a few lessons like making sure the the tiles are close enough together and that they are glued down tight before you start grouting.

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