Monday, October 29, 2012

Paint me a colorwheel

A few years ago I found a project that let me use all of the main colorwheel schemes.  We all are finding ways to teach the colorwheel and here is my lesson for my high school art 1 class.

  Each student was asked to draw a picture that was large enough to fill the whole page of a 12x18 piece of paper.  This is one of the few projects I will let them draw cartoon characters and occasionally a logo as long as there are a whole bunch of logos are there is another drawing with it.  But I tell them to have fun with the drawing.  It doesn't have to make sense it just needs to fill up the space.  After they do the drawing then they have to divide the paper into a 3"x3" squares. Then they have to map out their color schemes.

I actually have them make a map on a piece of paper that tells both them and myself which colorscheme they used in which box.  The main color schemes we work with are warm, cool, monochromatic, complimentary, split complimentary, double complimentary, analogous and triadic.  So each of these eight color schemes will be used on their paper three times, but I do not let them put them beside each other and they can not repeat colors in the same color scheme.  Of course the only exception is warm and cool.

These are the final projects and I think they look great.

Dustin M.

Andrea C.M.

Sydney Hau.

Danica H.

Melissa C.

Brooke O.

Brady J.

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