Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lesson gone wrong

Okay so maybe that title isn't completely right, the lesson hasn't gone wrong, but they have somehow managed to finish both today and most of tomorrow's lesson in one class period.  So that kind of leaves me wondering if I will need to find something else to do tomorrow.

This week we are looking at shading and for the most part my Art 1 class is pretty gifted at drawing and shading.  In fact it was hard to hold a couple of them back last week when we were drawing in just contour line.  They wanted to add shading to that project.  I did manage to slow some of them down on this challenge by making them draw in pen and try not to pick up that pen if they could help it.

But this week with shading they are racing through all of my lessons with ease.  I guess I will have to try to find something to stump them.  Maybe tomorrow's fabric shading lesson will slow them down.  I guess we will see.

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  1. This was difficult but i enjoyed it at the same time. It tested my drawing ability.