Monday, September 9, 2013

Making Foam board 3D

My Art 2 class was given the challenge of making one piece of foamboard into a 3D sculpture.  That was at least part of their criteria for this project.  They also had to make the sculpture stand up, be at least 12 inches tall and it had to have a theme.  I said the theme could be as broad as under the sea or as specific as elephant act at the circus.  They also had to paint it and find a way to add color.

 Some of them struggled with making it 3D and interesting on all sides, but after a few reminders they made it work.

Demi H. "Blue Whale"

Sydney Hag.  "Under the Sea"

KaSandra K.  "Lost in Space"

Kelsey C.  "Beach Party"

Maggie H. 

Meghan H.

Sydney Hau.

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